1. Primary goal, get to the next screen.
  2. To get there you have to change the URL in most cases. in other cases you may just click in the picture, but you have to provide username and password. To get these URL's or username / password is the goal of this riddle. (no capital letters or numbers in the solutions)
  3. How to get these? Well, there's always more to a htm-file than what you see. Look for hints everywhere.
  4. If google is needed, there will be a google search bar.
  5. Sometimes other applications are needed. But it's always solvable with free software! See the software page for additional information
  6. Sadly I must say that this riddle is best played in IE :-( in other browsers it is playable, but you might not hear any sound for example.
  7. I want this to be a fair riddle, that everyone is able to solve if he tries. I don't want this to be some kind of elite game. Therefore I don't care if you cheat or not. Everyone has to decide if that is the way to have fun or not. And I do not and I will not hunt down cheaters, cause I have a life beside this riddle and much better things to do, than to hunt down persons that don't have the endurance and the patience that might be needed to solve this riddle!
  8. enjoy


Don't give up too soon :-)